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Come Join Us In The
If you wish you can also use a flash chat page located HERE

Vampire Chat Is Brought To By

Here Is the T.O.S Of the Chat:
Vampire Chat Terms Of Conditions.
This Section is due
updates very soon.
Welcome to Vamp-UKChat Networks, We are slowing working to change things and get them updated, work and many other varying factors mean it's sadly a lot longe rthan expected, we hope you will all bare with us on this.


Here at Vamp-UKChat, although we have taken a very long time to update this website.

We didn't go anywhre.
We have however been working more on ChaoticNetworks which is now the mother
network for Vamp-UKChat, ChaoticNetworks at present does not have a complete website, sadly we lost the old website with a server repair, we aim to get this back ASAP, we have been working very hard to build this up,
plans we have include an online arcade, a community portal, an online store,
here you will be able to buy ChaoticNetworks and eventually Vamp-UKChat merchandise.
Expansion plans with availability of buying Linux CD's/DVD's, also hosting.

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